Two Things You Must Know About Science

yes in planning out a story does that ever get in the way of the experiments and how do those things but heads with each other that’s a good question yes according to Jamie Humaneness, yeah it’s I mean we are storytellers we tell a story on television and meet the narrative meets all of the rules of an Aristotelian narrative needs beginning a middle and then a hook hold and a payoff.

I don’t think that the story gets in the way of the experiments because I think I’ve learned over years that the scientific method grips beautifully on to the narrative arc and every scene follows from predecessor towards its successor and leads inexorably to it and when we put out an episode on Myth busters I mean we do plot them out at the beginning but we never end up shooting what we’ve plotted things happen that we don’t expect on almost every kind of.

Experiment and then we will alter the narrative to fit that will change the story and go to different limit becomes part of history absolutely yeah in terms of telling the story what can scientists do better be better storytellers ah that’s really good you know I I think that I think that the science in our country could tell more about failure  you know I know that NASA you know any NASA scientists will tell you failure is in any scientist will tell you failure is the most important part of Sciences where you really.


The Miracle Of 7 Salon Products

Is literally just taking taking 7 salon products everybody by storm this is Gen Range and this is specifically produced public of this for curls to actual and packaging actually packages make your own address isn’t if I’m very very coolant so this is being blitzed and um no but this is actually being produced toot control tame and Matthew get hair far more manageable now what’s interesting about this we just thought this would beery timely this is their holiday kit so ready for Christmas normally you happy looking in the area of sort of  pounds.

For ya individual product butt the moment you can’t be able to buy these  for  pan glass in actually nice kitchen and I think this is amazing value because I’m getting one free and this is a soft mousse which again you know what it’s I am once you’ve washed your hair then when you stop drawing it you’ve got another challenge so if you’ve got a moose that’s actually going to work with the girl exactly.

I leaned against and also a community the other thing is you know one you’re  you can walk out with this lovely frizzy vein of the only hair but are actually just like it sounds like we need so if you have chain Rachel curls but and they will smooth don’t be lovely with net so they’re just some of the products that were using in series luxury hair care series are going to be talking about different hair conditions but certainly for curls have a look at these product sand we’re going to put links that proportion of the video so you can find out more about them and where to purchase them and any questions I guess any questions.

we can send straight onto salon shampoo Genevieve who tries out something that we will yes I’ll go manatees will find daddy who can we will so these are products that we’re using at the moment for play hair and if you’ve got suggestion please please let us know which we give to him back up here yes comment so if you’re alive luxury hair care the curls thanks for watching.


Doubts You Should Clarify About Wine Tasting In Colorado

And Patagonia what are the best grapes growing in Colorado has about six grapes that they grow very well our three Reds are Cabernet Franc which would actually be our signature grape if Colorado had signature grape and we also grow Cabernet Avignon and Sarah are the Reds and for whites we grow Riesling and Chardonnay and those are the best Colorado grapes do you think about glass of wine differently now that you’ve written this book it really doe stake a lot of effort to make a glass.

Of wine and a lot of people yes they don’t understand the whole process it’s not just it’s not just the winemaker it’s also the grape grower Colorado event center so you’ve got to have good grapes and then the whole fermentation process and all that’s involved in aging and and it’s all about the grapes and it’s all about what the winemaker does to make that special wine I’m a person who wants to know more about Colorado whines.

what’s my firstborn first step is to get out there and visit the wineries that’s the best way to be able to taste in sample Colorado wines and a lot of people think especially here along the Front Range that they have to travel over to Palaces to taste wine and that’s not true actually there are more wineries from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs then-there are over in the palisade area wineries in Colorado are very.

welcoming they want people Colorado winery to come and visit their winery taste their wine and enjoy it and hopefully buy a bottle or two but Think the one great thing about Colorado wineries is the ability to travel around our state so what better way to enjoy all the activities that our state has to offer then stop at a winery or two and enjoy some Colorado wine I think people would be pleasantly surprised those pleasant surprises is John garlic at the book cliff vineyards in boulder.


Reasons Why People Like Health Food Magazine

one car every morning you get out and you get into your car and you drive off and you go to a job and most of us are going to sit in front of computer all day longhand you at the end of the day you get into your car and you drive home into your go back into your house and you have to do all sorts of shopping because all the things you need you have to buy and and you are so busy all the time because there’s so much you need and you-need all this money to pay for all these things and and when.

we see when you live this this way this way what we see is that people get sick pieces people aren’t thriving people aren’t well so if you live like that and you keep doing and you don’t at all connect with how you actually feel and what health food magazine you really want to do when are you going to end uptick and you’re going to have to go to hospital and it’s going to cost so much money and you’re going to be in so much pain and and you have when you look backing back at your life you have used Romany resources of the planet and for many of us when you look back you haven’t really been happy but you have cost the planet a huge amount of resources and we can see this doesn’t work and it’s not going to be the life of the future this is not the way we’re going to live in the future man we’re going to have to find ways to be to lose to use much less resources and we can’t just conditions and still they have been striving so when we look back at our ancestors we can see that that the human body the human Live Naturally mind the human yes the being that we are is very very capable so it is a lie that there are many things we can’t do we-brought up today we brought up to believe that you’re going to have to live a life when you grow up you’re going to live a life where you have a house and you have scar maybe you have more more than.


How Much Do You Know about Omaha NE Mexican Food?

Adventures we are in Albuquerque New Mexico it is a lovely day doesn’t get much better than this not is not so we are actually on our way to breakfast – this kind of famous spot called the frontier it’s going to be delicious so we passed this fence and we just thought we had to come by check tout it’s like all the it’s like super colorful and you have these colorful apartments behind it we figure to make like the perfect Instagram so after breakfast we are going to go on a little hike up a little bit closer to Santa.

Few here they can trout them wrong and Can’t remember the name of the park right now but we’ll let you know I’ve got a date stay tuned though because these rocks are absolutely magnificent look I think they were formed by like volcanic eruption millions of years ago and now they’ve been worn down it looks amazing and it should be too crowded today because it’s a weekday yeah so that’s fingers crossed but let’s go get some food[Music]the place we’re headed to is called frontier and it looked amazing online.

It’s very popular and supposedly Omaha NE Mexican food the food is supposed to be really goodie’s like southwestern food right yea hand I think I’m down for really breakfast burritos and we probably I have to get definitely so weened up both going with the gigantic burritos they’re kind of displaced kind of known for creating their own tortillas in-house so apparently that’s supposed to be really good they’re also known to these sweetbreads which just looks like a giant cinnamon roll this was only like a dollar  or something.

I’d like two bucks yeah everything bucks rings our entire meal yeah and this is completely douses butter as you can see Mexican Restaurants in Omaha NE I’m not sure what else is going on there but it really looks collisions I mean it felt like a cinnamon roll thousand butter yeah – would you dessert.

cacao nibs

How To Leave Cacao Nibs Without Being Noticed

Addictive. People are these days even beginning to look to other things. A close relative of it called cuppa, which is a type of cacao that doesn’t have those problems. Another member of the bromine family but these are great. Really fun and great to get into. The food of course has no negative side effect like the bean which it does have some affect on the liver and the kidney and the adrenals in the long run, but in the short run it’s a great thing to get into. So let’s open up this pod.John Yeah let’s open it up.

So now Jeremy is opening the cacao with a machete. And they’re really hard and there you go. Inside this is the the fruit. This is the non-edible part. This thing is really rock hard like a think think a winter squash hard right here man. You could barely break it.Jeremy And this is the part that we’re gonna be sucking the sucking off of right there.John Oh look this one’s sprouting.  Sprouted cacao.So basically we’re just sucking off the white like pith type part on there the nutrients right. And that has no negative effects.Jeremy No negative effects right.John But just positive effects.Jeremy It’s just fruit and water and little bit of Theobald.

And a little bit cacao nibs of mineral sand nutrients but yeah. A very low level kind of a thing as you can see there’s not a lot of it anyway.John Yeah there’s not a lot it’s mostly all seeds. So Jeremy you know I know that you found out and educated the raw food community about the cacao but now you you rarely eat cacao yourself right. Is that true?Jeremy Barely. Yes very true.John Now why is that and what did you find?Jeremy I found you know that it was a really big mood swing creator and created a lot of mood swings for people if they didn’t consume it everyday. That they basically would go into these wild rides myself included.

From it where it caused cacao nibs substitute a lot of personal upheaval.People were getting angry and kind of like getting very testy very easily from it. It seemed to be very similar to anyone that was going through a withdrawal symptom from caffeine.People that were used to drinking soda everyday, drinking coffee everyday, or eating chocolate everyday, all of a sudden when we took it away from them those.


Disadvantages Of Business And How You Can Workaround It

I deleted it I’m going to delete this dude off the face of the planet I’m surprised even kicked out to brownstone here we go boom we’re done you just wait till I get that this wait till Get the Firefly then we’re really talking all Randy’s about to lose Randy this is embarrassing Allah pick his head up sorry bitch you raised a enough for too long here’s your winner the king of kings the besting the game watch his body like that where did the waste look at that stance that stance is something else well.

Now we have doll hairs I think I might go into the settings real quick and try to change the difficulty because I think I think after playing day of reckoning one and Did just play a couple months ago like Still remember the controls pretty well I might have to up the difficulty Don’t know don’t forget the the knee of just oh Know baby um so hold on let’s see and we don’t want to do this I thought maybe if we went to profile so let’s save the gamely going into our locker just go into the locker.

I mean I can’t help that Bury Randy Orton a man asked for it you’re gonna get the very best yeah am Ram I really all right so let’s go back to the main menu so I can so I can increase the difficulty real quick and then we’ll go back to it options game settings difficulty now we’re just we’re just kicking up too hard right now Want to get to ridiculous we need to run enjoining you’re too ridiculous down here alright let’s continue LR plus a Equals steel finisher really is that is that is that the truth do.

I still have to activate Disadvantages Of Business my gimmick before I do it do I have to press the ab before I know you just okay we still have finishes and a wrecking it to Leah here let’s go through the door yeah this game is a lot more polished than day of reckoning Oh Jonathan Coachman back tit again you list it was addicted me in the first game oh it’s Chris Jericho on just Kara Khan you have a semi-final match and it’s against the guy who eliminated Randy Orton just last week me are you at all concerned that look here Junior I know exactly who.