Disadvantages Of Business And How You Can Workaround It

I deleted it I’m going to delete this dude off the face of the planet I’m surprised even kicked out to brownstone here we go boom we’re done you just wait till I get that this wait till Get the Firefly then we’re really talking all Randy’s about to lose Randy this is embarrassing Allah pick his head up sorry bitch you raised a enough for too long here’s your winner the king of kings the besting the game watch his body like that where did the waste look at that stance that stance is something else well.

Now we have doll hairs I think I might go into the settings real quick and try to change the difficulty because I think I think after playing day of reckoning one and Did just play a couple months ago like Still remember the controls pretty well I might have to up the difficulty Don’t know don’t forget the the knee of just oh Know baby um so hold on let’s see and we don’t want to do this I thought maybe if we went to profile so let’s save the gamely going into our locker just go into the locker.

I mean I can’t help that Bury Randy Orton a man asked for it you’re gonna get the very best yeah am Ram I really all right so let’s go back to the main menu so I can so I can increase the difficulty real quick and then we’ll go back to it options game settings difficulty now we’re just we’re just kicking up too hard right now Want to get to ridiculous we need to run enjoining you’re too ridiculous down here alright let’s continue LR plus a Equals steel finisher really is that is that is that the truth do.

I still have to activate Disadvantages Of Business my gimmick before I do it do I have to press the ab before I know you just okay we still have finishes and a wrecking it to Leah here let’s go through the door yeah this game is a lot more polished than day of reckoning Oh Jonathan Coachman back tit again you list it was addicted me in the first game oh it’s Chris Jericho on just Kara Khan you have a semi-final match and it’s against the guy who eliminated Randy Orton just last week me are you at all concerned that look here Junior I know exactly who.