Doubts You Should Clarify About Wine Tasting In Colorado

And Patagonia what are the best grapes growing in Colorado has about six grapes that they grow very well our three Reds are Cabernet Franc which would actually be our signature grape if Colorado had signature grape and we also grow Cabernet Avignon and Sarah are the Reds and for whites we grow Riesling and Chardonnay and those are the best Colorado grapes do you think about glass of wine differently now that you’ve written this book it really doe stake a lot of effort to make a glass.

Of wine and a lot of people yes they don’t understand the whole process it’s not just it’s not just the winemaker it’s also the grape grower Colorado event center so you’ve got to have good grapes and then the whole fermentation process and all that’s involved in aging and and it’s all about the grapes and it’s all about what the winemaker does to make that special wine I’m a person who wants to know more about Colorado whines.

what’s my firstborn first step is to get out there and visit the wineries that’s the best way to be able to taste in sample Colorado wines and a lot of people think especially here along the Front Range that they have to travel over to Palaces to taste wine and that’s not true actually there are more wineries from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs then-there are over in the palisade area wineries in Colorado are very.

welcoming they want people Colorado winery to come and visit their winery taste their wine and enjoy it and hopefully buy a bottle or two but Think the one great thing about Colorado wineries is the ability to travel around our state so what better way to enjoy all the activities that our state has to offer then stop at a winery or two and enjoy some Colorado wine I think people would be pleasantly surprised those pleasant surprises is John garlic at the book cliff vineyards in boulder.