How Much Do You Know about Omaha NE Mexican Food?

Adventures we are in Albuquerque New Mexico it is a lovely day doesn’t get much better than this not is not so we are actually on our way to breakfast – this kind of famous spot called the frontier it’s going to be delicious so we passed this fence and we just thought we had to come by check tout it’s like all the it’s like super colorful and you have these colorful apartments behind it we figure to make like the perfect Instagram so after breakfast we are going to go on a little hike up a little bit closer to Santa.

Few here they can trout them wrong and Can’t remember the name of the park right now but we’ll let you know I’ve got a date stay tuned though because these rocks are absolutely magnificent look I think they were formed by like volcanic eruption millions of years ago and now they’ve been worn down it looks amazing and it should be too crowded today because it’s a weekday yeah so that’s fingers crossed but let’s go get some food[Music]the place we’re headed to is called frontier and it looked amazing online.

It’s very popular and supposedly Omaha NE Mexican food the food is supposed to be really goodie’s like southwestern food right yea hand I think I’m down for really breakfast burritos and we probably I have to get definitely so weened up both going with the gigantic burritos they’re kind of displaced kind of known for creating their own tortillas in-house so apparently that’s supposed to be really good they’re also known to these sweetbreads which just looks like a giant cinnamon roll this was only like a dollar ¬†or something.

I’d like two bucks yeah everything bucks rings our entire meal yeah and this is completely douses butter as you can see Mexican Restaurants in Omaha NE I’m not sure what else is going on there but it really looks collisions I mean it felt like a cinnamon roll thousand butter yeah – would you dessert.