The Miracle Of 7 Salon Products

Is literally just taking taking 7 salon products everybody by storm this is Gen Range and this is specifically produced public of this for curls to actual and packaging actually packages make your own address isn’t if I’m very very coolant so this is being blitzed and um no but this is actually being produced toot control tame and Matthew get hair far more manageable now what’s interesting about this we just thought this would beery timely this is their holiday kit so ready for Christmas normally you happy looking in the area of sort of  pounds.

For ya individual product butt the moment you can’t be able to buy these  for  pan glass in actually nice kitchen and I think this is amazing value because I’m getting one free and this is a soft mousse which again you know what it’s I am once you’ve washed your hair then when you stop drawing it you’ve got another challenge so if you’ve got a moose that’s actually going to work with the girl exactly.

I leaned against and also a community the other thing is you know one you’re  you can walk out with this lovely frizzy vein of the only hair but are actually just like it sounds like we need so if you have chain Rachel curls but and they will smooth don’t be lovely with net so they’re just some of the products that were using in series luxury hair care series are going to be talking about different hair conditions but certainly for curls have a look at these product sand we’re going to put links that proportion of the video so you can find out more about them and where to purchase them and any questions I guess any questions.

we can send straight onto salon shampoo Genevieve who tries out something that we will yes I’ll go manatees will find daddy who can we will so these are products that we’re using at the moment for play hair and if you’ve got suggestion please please let us know which we give to him back up here yes comment so if you’re alive luxury hair care the curls thanks for watching.